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Woman of Impact Award


EmpowerHER Company Award

Do you know a Woman of Impact?



Chances are, you do!

The Woman of Impact Award is given to an extraordinary woman who leads by example, lives with purpose, and inspires others to be more and do more.

She is a modern-day hero, game-changer, mover and shaker, and a role model who leads by example. With courage, confidence, commitment and integrity, she inspires others to go further, making a ripple of impact across her community and around the globe.

Nominations will be accepted March 7 through April 20. More details on this exciting award to follow! Nominate the extraordinary and deserving Woman of Impact in your life today!

Criteria for Nomination:

Our Woman of Impact is recognized for breaking down barriers in the Ag/Fresh industry with documented success.

She is a visionary leader of an international or global corporation.

She makes a significant contribution to the betterment of her community—locally, nationally and globally.

She has a minimum of five years in the global Ag/Fresh industry.

Nominate a Woman of Impact

The EmpowerHER Company Award 

Do you know a company that champions for women in their networks, workplaces and communities? 

The EmpowerHER Award recognizes a single company on a yearly basis that paves the road to empower women in leadership roles. The award champions for the inclusion of women in the goals and the vision of the enterprise. Examples include advancements in board membership, promotions leading to senior management positions and relevant professional development as well as to developing programs for the frontline women of our industry.

Criteria for Nomination:

The company must be established for a minimum of five years.

Must be able to share basic company statistics, including total employees, percentage of women/men employed, current policies and other information around advancing women in the Ag/Fresh industry.

Nominate a Company for the EmpowerHER Award
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